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Language Cafe - what is it?

Jennifer Porter

09 January, 2021

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Horizon Coffee Shop and Language Cafe

What is a language cafe?

A language cafe is a place to learn a new language or improve your existing language skills. It offers a community environment where you can meet up with  a private tutor or join group classes. You can even take part in a language exchange; in which you get together as a group to chat in your chosen language (or languages!), and help eachother improve your communication in an informal, social setting.

Why learn a new language?

It is so important if we want to live abroad to learn the language, and learn it well - language is THE key to getting our thoughts and ideas across to others.. if we learn it to a good level, it can open up countless opportunities. If we learn it to an advanced level, learning not just the language structure but also the local slang, it can give us an insight into the way people from that country think, their cultural history.. and you might even find new ways to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions that you perhaps just can't do so easily in your native language.

Why did we set up a language cafe? We believe that language is extremely important to learning about yourself and your surroundings, and to open up world of new ideas and opportunities; and we want to help people in the process of getting to the point where one day they suddenly realise a new world has opened up before their eyes... and it'll all be down to their dedication to learning a new language!


Horizon Language Network

What language are you learning? What language can you teach? Write to us at
hello@horizoncoffee.co.uk to join our language network, where we will try to get you together with a group, a student or a tutor!

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